Premium Eco Coconut Shell Hookah Shisha Cube

Indo Java Lit

Premium Eco Coconut Shell Hookah Shisha Cube

Smokeless, Odorless, Long Burning

Natural charcoal & chemical free (ingredient) to fire up the purest tasting hookah ever


Coconut charcoal briquette can be used in many application such as: hookah shisha, BBQ, room heater, boiler etc.

We are Indonesian based manufacturing company and we are committed to produce a high quality briquette charcoal.

We work to develop and update our product through extensive market research.

We are using the coconut shell waste from coconut industry to fulfill the industrial, retail and commercial in local and international market.


Our coconut charcoal briquette eco features longer burning time, more economical, no smell, no smoke, no spark, 100% natural, 0% chemical, high calorie, free sulphur, compact and convenient.

The content inside our environmentally friendly product can be also be varied in accordance to our customer’s specification.


We produce various kind of shapes such as pillow shape, hexagonal, cube shape or according to our customer requirement.

Unlike any other charcoal briquette who are using contained, We are using cassava/tapioca food grade in our composition. So, it is safe for health reason a well as provides a pleasant distinguish flavor.


Really, this is a big one!  The charcoal burns hotter than other charcoals, even hotter than natural, “Cowboy” types of charcoal.  It is made from coconut shells, and natural coconut by-products- no petroleum adjuncts means that, not only is the heat really HOT and even, but the ash production and smoke are substantially LESS.